Heathens in Profile: Dustin — The Longship

Welp, it posted! I was featured in the Heathens in Profile series on The Longship's Blog! I really love this monthly blog series--they feature self-identified Heathens from different areas and walks of life. It has been really encouraging to read about everyday people who have modern views of Heathenry and are not racist bigots! Definitely … Continue reading Heathens in Profile: Dustin — The Longship

Introducing the Elder Futhark

I love this short intro to the Elder Futhark. It is concise, but helps dispel some of the misinformation about the Elder Futhark. Many Reconstructionists say that there is little information for using these runes for divination or in a Heathen practice. This article supports my view that that may be true from a Norse Heathen perspective, as Elder was not used during the Viking age. However, coming from a Continental Germanic Heathen perspective, these may be more accurate to use…

Fjorn's Hall

Note: This post contains runic characters. Without proper Unicode support, you might see blank boxes, question marks, or other awkward characters where runes are supposed to be.

When it comes to runes, the Elder Futhark are certainly the most popular; they are the most romanticized, as well as the most common runic characters found on products, tattoos, and the internet. While there is much to say about these famous runes, this page will only serve as a bare-minimum introduction, providing only the basics to help the curious wanderer get by—but more posts will come, eventually.

While most people get interested in these runes because of the Vikings, this futhark was primarily used beforethe Viking Age: they first appear toward the end of the 1st century, but were replaced by the Younger Futhark in the 8th century (at the beginning of the Viking Age).

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Open Hearths: Hospitality from the point of view of a Heathen and his Agnostic Husband

Hospitality is our jam, to the point where I usually use a capital "H" to emphasize it being a core concept to our lives. Ever since we started dating, my husband and I have always had the same view on Hospitality and making sure our home is open to our friends and family. Even before … Continue reading Open Hearths: Hospitality from the point of view of a Heathen and his Agnostic Husband