Just a gay Heathen dude managing an animal hospital, working on getting my RVT license and dealing with some general anxiety disorder. I’m a devotee of Nerthus, and the other Vanir, along with Frigg and Odin are all honored in my Hearth Cultus(though I have a recent interest in more Continental German deities, as well)! I often hang out with a Bay Area Vanatru group called the Vanic Conspiracy that has developed a region-oriented Vanic-focused tradition that the gythja calls Redwood Vanatru. I’m always working on researching and learning more about Heathenry in both a historic and modern context, with a particular focus on divination, magic (galdr and seidr), and vitki work through a Germanic lens. However, it’s a slow process in between the duties of daily living, and I still feel like I’m just beginning to study. I feel very passionately about celebrating diversity and inclusion for ALL in Heathenry! Some special focuses of mine in my spiritual practices are ancestor veneration (a big part through food and cooking), regional heathenry, runes, hospitality (I almost feel like this should have a capital H with the way my husband and I aim to host guests), healing applied subtly in my mundane work at the animal hospital and singing for ritual and prayer!